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Music Therapy: Citation & Plagiarism Help

APA Formatting and Style Guide

Interactive Plagiarism Tutorial

Why should you complete the tutorial?

  • If you would like to learn more about what plagiarism is and how to avoid plagiarism in your academic work, this is a great place to start.
  • Important! If your professor has referred you to the library for a plagiarism refresher course as a result of academic dishonesty, this tutorial is part of that process.  However, there is paperwork which must be completed, so be sure to contact a librarian for instructions before you begin.
  • If you are completing this tutorial as part of your assigned coursework, do not contact a librarian for paperwork. 

How long will the tutorial take to complete?

  • The tutorial will take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete.  At the end, if you answer at least 80% of the questions correctly, you'll receive a certificate of completion and have the option to email your results to yourself or a professor.

Plagiarism Quiz