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Getting Started

Citation is an important part of research writing. Proper citation is more than a bibliography at the end of your term paper; it involves the ability to incorporate the research of others into your writing, giving them proper credit for their work, while developing your own ideas and writing style.

For tips on good writing, see the Writing & Grammar page in this guide. You'll find a collection of books available within WCU Libraries, as well as some useful websites.

When using the Library's citation resources, please remember:

  • Many of the Libraries' electronic resources offer formatted citations. Be sure to check them for spelling and punctuation errors before using them in your paper.
  • Cutting and pasting electronically formatted citations into your document is not recommended; occasionally this will interfere with the formatting of the rest of the bibliography. Email these to yourself or put them in a Word document and cut and paste them from there.
  • WCU Libraries house current editions of the style guides, which are shelved either in Reference or Reserves. Although they cannot leave the library, they can be photocopied and used in-house.